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A Very Belated Welcome to the Fall 2009 Season!
(October 31, 2009)

A belated welcome to the Spring 2009 season of Bump Set Drink volleyball!  We are now eight weeks into the new season, playoffs have started and it's long past time to shake the dust off the blog.  But before I get going with my usual salt and tequila induced ramblings... I thought I would take this moment to recognize the continued growth of the BSD Volleyball League thanks to your continued support. 

As I mentioned in a blog posting from last season, the BSD Volleyball League would average 22 teams in Spring seasons and 20 teams in Fall seasons.  During the 2004-2007 seasons these numbers held steady.  Following the Fall 2007 season, the League Directors increased their focus on attracting new players and reaching out to our customers in order to continue to provide the best competitive and social environment for volleyball players in the area.  In 2009, we have set new high marks for player registrations in both the Spring and Fall seasons.

2004 - 2007
22 teams
20 teams
22 teams
22 teams
26 teams
24 teams

Thanks to all of you for making this season a record Fall season.  Please let us know about your experience this season.  Pull us
aside and give us feedback or suggestions - or send us email.  We have made a few changes this season based on your feedback. 

Better Time Management
In prior seasons, we had noticed that regular season matches tended to run over the one-hour time-slot.  Many times the matches scheduled for 9:00pm would not get going until 9:30pm or later.  This season, we have taken the following steps towards the goal of starting matches much closer to their scheduled start times:
Referees have also been asked to record the match starting time on the scoresheets.  Based on the data collected over this regular season, it seems these changes have achieved their desired effect.  Almost every match started withing 10 minutes of the schedule start time.

Each team will play one "double-header" in the regular season.  In most cases, the "double-header" night for each division will be on the same night.  (The only exception was for the BB division, because we did not have the court capacity to fit double-headers for 8 teams on the same night.

Why did we do this?  Well, simply because we needed to schedule 11 weeks of matches in 10 nights.  Because the Fall season has a "hard stop" on Thanksgiving, we wanted to make sure everybody got the same value for their money as in the Spring seasons. 

Regular Season Wrapup
Let's take a look at how each division finished up the regular season, including their early playoff results:

BSD Volleyball is on Facebook!
(April 26, 2009)

Ahh... Facebook.  It's not enough to simply announce that BSD Volleyball has established a Facebook group and invite you all to join.  No... I am feeling the need to ramble on about this geezer's view on the social networking site.  This is a blog after all...

What is a Webmaster in his early 40's doing on Facebook?  I'm not really sure.  Over the last few months, I had been reading articles that Facebook is not just for kids anymore.  Businesses are setting up shop on the social networking site and geezers are moving into turf once reserved almost exclusively for high school and college students (many of them scantily clothed apparently).   Hardly the "early adopter", once the vast majority of the group takes a plunge on something then I can feel confident enough to cruise on in.  Last month, I floated the idea that I might join Facebook to my high-school age son who has been using Facebook ever since it blew up MySpace as the "social network of choice" years ago.  His reaction was to roll his eyes, shake his head dismissively and quickly ponder how long it would be before millions of teens on the site join some other new social networking site now that their parents are invading their turf.  

So, I took the plunge and setup my Facebook page.  Within a few days I started getting friend requests from people I went to high school and college with over 20 years ago.  I'm not sure there is a polite way to say this, but reconciling the image of what they looked like a generation ago with their recent pictures... worth the price of admission right there!  Anyway...  

I have setup a BSD Volleyball group on Facebook.   Please join us if you have a Facebook account.  There is a discussion board there where you can post about your team, your games, your post-game adventures, your expectations about the outcome of future games... notice I did not say "trash-talking" (smile).  The league will also use the Group to mark important dates and help enhance communication to league members.  BSD Volleyball is a social league, so setting up a presense on a social netowrking site seems like a good fit.  Some of the stuff you folks post up there is hilarious!

Join our Facebook Group:

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