BSD Frequently Asked Questions

(Last Updated: May 30, 2008)

One of the more important aspects of running a business is soliciting and responding to customer feedback.  Over the course of the last few seasons, the following questions have come up as either direct questions or “scuttlebutt” that makes the rounds.  Without any additional fanfare, here are some common questions going around with our best attempts to answer them.

1. Why does the BSD league seem so expensive compared to other leagues?

Let’s get right to it!  We have heard this question in a variety of forms, so let’s take a quick survey of local volleyball leagues and see where we stand.

# Weeks
# Matches
Bump Set Drink
(early registration)
10 - 15
(Av. = 12)
Bump Set Drink
(regular price)
10 - 15
(Av. = 12)
Rockville Sportsplex
9 - 12
(Av. = 10)
Gaithersburg City
(Bohrer Park)
$335 / team
Montgomery County
$355 / team
7 - 9
(Av. = 8)

At first glance, the answer appears simple.  BSD seems like a more expensive league because the total cost for each season is more than other leagues surveyed.  However, BSD also has a longer season then every one of those leagues.  The BSD league operates under the assumption that volleyball players want to play more volleyball, rather than shorten the season to reduce the total cost.

When you look closer and consider the cost per match, you see that BSD (early registration) is the least expensive league that registers individual players.  Only the Gaithersburg City league (assuming an 8 player roster) provides a significantly cheaper option, primarily due to the fact that they own their own building.  The BSD League Directors operate each season with the goal to break even finanically.  Each BSD League Director has invested their own money into running this business, yet none of us is looking to make a profit.  We would rather make friends than profit from our friends.

So the bottom line is: BSD provides more volleyball for the money. 

2. Why does the BSD draft process seem more like an evaluation of "who you know" then "how you play"?

Let's tackle the big issues right away, shall we?  First, some background information.  BSD is the only league in the area that guarantees all individuals signing up before the registration deadline the opportunity to play.  The league uses a draft system where captains select their teams starting from the highest-skilled divisions to the beginning player divisions.  The system has generally worked very well over the years in providing payers the opportunity to play with other players of similar skill levels.

Of course, it's competitive human nature that everyone wants to play at the highest level possible.  But the division lines have to be drawn somewhere.  Every season there are players who feel like they are better than the bottom few players of the next higher league.  And, therefore, they got screwed!!!  And that's where the darker side of human nature takes over.  Rather than look inward towards improving their game (or losing those endearing "F-bombs" they emit when things don't go their way), some people prefer to look for excuses.  Some popular excuses over the years include:
Look, I would love to tell you that the process is perfect.  But life is not like that.  This is not the Olympic Trials, it is a social volleyball league.  (By the way, how many times have you read about personalities or "coaches favorities" factoring into Olympic or National Team trials.  It happens alot, even at that level).

I am sure that if you look hard enough, you can all find examples that seem like the excuses mentioned above.  BSD does have some safeguards built in to address some of these issues.  We are always looking for new captains and each season new players try their hand at it.  The league provides them with advice on how to draft, but if they choose to draft only their friends (or some other non-competitive behavior) then we'll look for other captains to replace them the following season.

I think most captains make a good attempt to draft competitive teams and include players who should be playing at that level.  It's not as simple as getting the best 48 players (for a 6 team draft).  Near the end of a draft, good captains assess their teams and see what needs they have.  Sometimes it's the best hitter available (ever if he/she can't play defense worth a lick), sometimes it's a good defensive player (even if he/she can't play the net at all), sometimes it may be someone with an even-keeled personality (especially if the captain has already drafted a few hotheads).  After the fact, you may look at the results and think that you are a better player than someone else who was picked... but better in what way?  And is that what the captain was looking for?

The bottom line is... lines have to drawn somewhere or we would have 22 BB teams!  I realize people have their egos, but once you get over that is it really such a bad outcome to be the best player in a lower division rather then the worst player in a higher division?  Somewhere along the way you played with better players and that experience made you better.  Is it so bad to be that better player for others and be the leader or "go-to guy" for your team? 

I know this is not the answer most people want to hear.  Who wants to do the hard work of realizing that your physical skills may be slipping (or not there yet) or that people may not want to share your spicy personality for 11 weeks?

3. Why should I continue to play volleyball in the BSD league?

Okay, we have tackled the tough questions.  We feel that we're entitled to end with an easy question!  We could make an endless list of the strengths of the league.  Here are just a few of the reasons why our players tell us they return to BSD each season:
We could go on and on about the virtues of our league.  But we'll stop here and thank you for reading this long Q&A session.  We care about what you think.  If there are other questions you would like answered or unsolicited feedback you would like to provide, please direct them to the Webmaster.  In fact, we'll make it even easier for you.  In the next two weeks, we'll send out a short electronic survey.  We hope you will take the time to tell us what you think about BSD this season: what we have done right and how we can improve next season.

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