Captains Expectations

We all like to play volleyball and have a good time, but if you stop to think about it, that usually only happens on teams that are well run.  Being a team captain in this league is about fielding a competitive team and then motivating, inspiring and leading your team to the big victory!  Towards that end, here is a summary of what future team captains should expect.

Before we get into expectations, there are some key principles that all players (captains included) should try to remember:

Now on to the details!

Who Should Be a Captain?

Plan Ahead

The best way to field a competitive team is to draft a good combination of skills, athleticism and personalities.  How do you do that?

You’ve Drafted Your Team… Now What?

Congratulations!  Drafting a team is an intimidating thing for newer captains, and it certainly seems challenging even to a lot of repeat captains who just never seem to win.  We won’t name names, that’s not polite!

Being on a competitive team is important to many players, but just as important is their experience on the team.  Captains set the tone for their team and it’s up to you make their experience a positive one.  We recommend a few things below to help:

Any Questions?

Your league commissioner should always be your primary point of contact for any questions you may have.  You can also consult the BSD League directors for general questions.

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