Player Experience - Spring 2001

Over the course of the season and offseason, many folks have asked me "What happened to that juvenile thing you do with the experience thingys?"  Well... here's the story:

Last spring I had compiled all of your witty comments on my laptop at work and was just about ready to post it to the website when a funny thing happened - my dog ate it!!!  Okay, okay... the real excuse is not quite that lame.  Turns out that SpaceWorks, Inc. (my employer at the time) decided to go bankrupt one afternoon and the confiscated my laptop as a company asset.  (Yeah... the dog story would have been better.)

So, that's the deal.  All of your clever work was for naught (kinda like the efforts of my fellow SpaceWorks co-workers, but there I go again...)  Anyway, if somebody has a record of the experience comments for Spring 2001, please send it to me.

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