Player Experience - Spring 2004

Hey, we have some new categories this time.  Let's start with one of my very favorite...

Butler Bashing!

Not the Family Section: Stage Fright:
These folks all seem to have tried to come up with something witty... but couldn't step up to the plate at the key moment.  Is this a Levitra moment? Sad, very sad.  Let this be a lesson to you all for next season.  The Webmaster cannot make chicken salad out of chicken poop :-)


  • "Experienced at baking for my team and stressing about whether my players will show." -- Christina Wu

  • Ooooh!!! Draft me!!!  I you're baking before games, I promise I will show up early :-)
  • Esboçando me a sua equipe traduz à vitória! Segundo lugar em BB dois anos em uma fileira. (courtesy of" -- Fred Robinson

  • Hmm... something about not being equipped to lead his team to victory!  Second place in BB two years in a row.  Translated to Portuguese.  Ay carumba!

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