Player Experience Guide

This page was developed for new players to assist you in rating your own experience level compared to the divisions in the Bump Set Drink (BSD) Volleyball league. The videos below were taken from actual BSD playoff games at each level of play. If you are unsure which level you should be playing, please check out the videos and let us know which one best describes your game. NOTE: These are only guides to the level of play that is often seen in each division. Each season brings a different set of players which may change the consistency of play at each level -- sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

Comparison to other leagues: BSD's AA division is not comparable to USAV AA (men's or women's). BSD is a co-ed league played on a men's height net. In the table below you will find a rough comparison of the typical level of play seen in BSD divisions to other leagues in the area. Keep in mind that the level of play changes each season (see the paragraph above), so these comparisons are sometimes close and sometimes a bit off.

All players new to the league should come to the first tryout... aim high! It's better for everyone to get you placed in the division most appropriate for your skill level.

AA Division Video
AA division play is characterized by bumping, setting and hitting on nearly every rally. Hitters put the ball down hard and usually face double blocking. Many setters are skilled enough to set forward or back and can usually place the ball in spots to match the hitter's approaches.
Similar to USAV B or sometimes USAV BB. Similar to Gaithersburg City's BB league (or their A league when they used to run that).
A Division Video
A division play is also characterized by bumping, setting and hitting on nearly every rally. The better hitter can hit hard and put the ball down, usually against single blocking. Setters can be hand setters or bump setters and are usually fairly accurate. Rallies can tend to be longer since there are fewer rally ending kills than AA division. Most players in this division are also solid defensively. Similar to USAV B (the bottom half). Somewhere between BB and B in Gaithersburg City's programs.
AB Division Video
AB division players usually attempt bumping, setting and hitting on most rallies. The difference in the level of play between A division and AB division is consistency. AB division rallies are usually fun and exciting, but hitters and setters tend to be a little less consistent here. Sometimes there are great plays and sometimes execution slips up! Many players in this division could play at the higher levels with a little more consistency in their game. Similar to Gaithersburg City's B league.
BBB Division Video
BBB division players are clearly a step above beginning players. Usually, the teams attempt to score by bumping, setting and spiking. Players in this level have a good understanding of court positioning and possess sufficcient skills to build long, exciting rallies.
Slightly below Gaithersburg City's B league.
BB Division Video
(not available)
BB division is generally a beginning league. There will be players will some good volleyball experience in this league (which helps keep play going). This is also the place where players begin learning the difference between competive (refereed) volleyball and company picnic "carry and throw" exhibitions. This is the league to learn how to pass correctly, where to stand on the court, practice defense, setting and hitting.

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