Referee Expectations

The Bump Set Drink (BSD) Volleyball league strives to provide referees that are knowledgable, impartial, and conscientious.  The experience pool for BSD Volleyball referees ranges from those that maintain professional certifications to former USAV players to dedicated league members who have received informal training within the league.  All BSD Volleyball referees are expected to follow these expectations.

Expectation 1: Remain professional and objective at all times.  Do not let players antagonize you and do not retaliate for any such attempts.  Remain calm at all times and use the following choices of penalties as necessary and appropriate to control players: verbal warnings, yellow cards (awards point to opposing team), player ejections (red card), and player disqualifications (yellow & red card).  All yellow and red cards should be reported to the League Officials at the end of the match.  League Officials will meet to determine more severe sanctions, if necessary.

Expectation 2: Learn the rules. Referees are expected to learn the current BSD rules located on the BSD website. 

It is impossible for one referee to see everything.  Here are tips and guidance to help you excel on the stand:

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