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This league is a social but competitive league. Players sign up individually and are drafted by captains to form competitive teams in each division. Players rotate in and out (no subbing occurs) to encourage fair and equal playing time for all. Teams often socialize together after matches, so it can be a great way to meet new people! All matches are played on Thursday evenings starting at 7:00 PM at the Discovery Sports Center (part of the Maryland Soccerplex -- www.mdsoccerplex.org) in Germantown, MD.

FORMAT: The league will be divided into multiple divisions to accommodate up to 30 teams. The number of divisions & teams in each division & men and women per team will be determined by the league commissioners after registration closes. The league commissioners and team captains will hold drafts to determine the teams in each division. If there are not enough captains for all of the teams in a particular division, teams may be assigned by the league commissioners.

If you have not played in this league before, it is important to provide as much information as possible about your skill level on the registration form (leagues & levels played, clinics, tournaments, and any other information). NEW PLAYERS especially should try to be there for the first night of preseason! Doing so will help captains draft you at a division suitable for your skill level. NOTE: You are not guaranteed to be drafted in any particular division; everyone who registers to play is expected to play, no matter what division you are drafted in.

All registrants must sign the waiver to play in the league. Submitting the online registration implies compliance with the waiver and your agreement to adhere to league rules as stated on the website. This statement qualifies as the only warning given -- violations of the rules will not be tolerated. By registering for this league you will be held accountable for all league policies and procedures. Players must be 14 years old by the start of preseason; players under 18 are required to have a parent or guardian present during their matches; players 14-15 years old must be paired with a parent or guardian.

Need more information? Send a note to comments@bumpsetdrink.com or contact Dee at (301) 216-0350. For the latest league information, visit our web site at www.bumpsetdrink.com.

Registration for the BumpSetDrink volleyball league is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Fill out the form on this page and click the "Send Registration Info" button. Your information will be sent to BumpSetDrink via email.

Step 2: Submit payment.

Both steps must be completed for a valid registration.

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Pairing Info: We strongly discourage requests to pair with another player and will only accept them under very limited circumstances
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  • Carpool friend, if commute is lengthy
. If you are requesting to pair, specify below who to pair with and the reason for pairing.

NOTE: Players 14-15 years old are required to pair with their parent / guardian.
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Please be as specific as possible in describing your prior volleyball experience to help us find the right level of play for your abilities. This is especially important for players new to the league. (For example: list any prior leagues and levels, tournaments, school experience, backyard/company picnic hero, just learning etc.)

Please check out the videos on our Experience Page and let us know which level best matches your game/skills.
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